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Get it Right, the first time.

In order to ensure success, it is crucial to design the ideal EV fleet for your business, considering the continually growing array of vehicle makes and models. Features and advantages differ across models, new vehicles are regularly introduced, and supply chains can be unpredictable. By aligning with Inspiration, you mitigate risks through access to superior intelligence and tailored financing options, bolstering your path to success.

Acquire top-notch vehicles for transporting passengers, cargo, or both.

Guarantee an uninterrupted trip by ensuring ample energy for the entire journey.

Capitalize on incentives and reduce vehicle operating expenses to the minimum.

Harness our OEM partnerships and exclusive channels for a faster and more reliable vehicle procurement process.

Who We Are


Electric km driven
Carbon Emissions Avoided
8080 T+
Litres of PMS saved


The array of incentives and rewards for owning EVs and implementing charging infrastructure is extensive and continually expanding. Inspiration diligently monitors these opportunities on your behalf. Coupled with our adaptable financing frameworks, which distribute the benefits from subsidies or incentives, your investment in an EV fleet will yield greater value with minimized risk.

Many EVs qualify for substantial tax credits, and we proactively stay abreast of developments to stay ahead of the curve and ensure we fully capitalize on these opportunities.

Numerous electric utilities provide subsidies for EV purchases, exclusive rates for EV charging, and additional incentives. Our approach to designing your EV fleet plan is geared towards capturing all available benefits.

Some countries have implemented policies that allow for environmental credits when using EVs. Determining eligibility can be intricate, and the potential value may be overlooked. With our expertise in environmental markets, we guarantee that you won’t miss out on any opportunities to gain additional value.

Our Advantage

Why Choose Us

We stand out from the rest. With a comprehensive understanding of each customer’s distinct requirements, we provide the appropriate vehicle, precisely when needed, and at a fitting price. Our offerings include:

  • Clear and predictable pricing, free from hidden fees or unexpected costs
  • Innovative and adaptable deal structures customized to align with your business and revenue model
  • Nearly limitless scalability: just let us know the number of EVs you desire, and we’ll support your needs

Leasing and financing options

Comprehensive vehicle management services, encompassing title and registration

Maintenance support

Professional support for your business.